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StepNpull – The Foot Handle

By on Feb 9, 2014 in toilet hygiene | 0 comments

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Your public toilet needs to be clean, pristine and entirely hygienic for your customers and staff to use. Hygienic usage of the toilet ensures your workforce and visitors reduce the spread of harmful bacteria / illness. It keeps the surfaces of your environment clean and sanitized. StepNpull The Hands Free Door Opener is an aid to providing you with little risk of infecting your hands with potentially threatening bacteria.

To help explain why there is still a demand for improvements in the public toilet sector, see some of our facts. Shockingly, even in today’s ‘germ aware’ world, there is still a high percentage of people that gamble with their health by simply not washing their hands after they have used the toilet. The numbers speak for themselves:

Going by these facts, roughly 70% of those who use a public toilet are failing to clean their hands correctly, (even with added features of quality hand sanitizers and automatic taps). By purchasing and installing  StepNpull hands-free door openers into your toilet you are eliminating the need for people to touch a door handle and therefore protecting yourself, your employees and guests from unwanted potentially harmful germs.

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