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Hands Free Toilet Door Openers – Many public toilets have motion activated taps, self-flushing toilets and some have automatic soap and paper towel dispensers, but these hygienic and labour saving devices cannot protect your hands from the possible germ-ridden handles of the bathroom door when you go to leave after cleaning and drying your hands.

An additional benefit of the hands free door opener StepNpull is that it avoids the struggling and bending down with your hands and arms full when you exit or enter a room. The Stepnpull allows you to safely approach a door with your hands full and effortlessly open a door without awkwardly trying to open it with your elbow or hands while you are carrying something.

Simply step your foot onto the device, pulling it towards you to open the door. If the door has a latched door with a lever handle, the user simply disengages the latch by pushing down on the handle with an arm or elbow and simultaneously opening the door with their foot. This style of opening the door feels surprisingly natural to the user, as it is a similar motion to taking a step and most become accustomed to using it after just a couple of tries.

It is made out of 75% aluminium; a metal which is very lightweight and equally strong. This means, that the weight of the door StepNpull is attached to, will feel the same and, also, different pressures applied to the mechanism will be supported. Most doors are easily opened with StepNpull; swinging safely, with enough momentum, to allow the user a totally touchless exit or entrance.

The invention comes with extra features and finishes, depending on your specific requirements and preferences. You can match the door furniture colour of your restroom door with attractive silver, gold or copper finishes, add grooves to obtain maximum grip and experience our durable rubber bumpers too. Also, it is quite a small device so it does not impose on the room (actual dimensions are 5″x4″).